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うぎさーちゃん (Ugisa-chan) [entries|friends|calendar]

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Hisashiburi..Movie talk Gantz, Eva 2.0, and Rango [ 3/6/11 @ 11:39 PM]
[ mood | happy ]

It's been a while..I think there are too many social network site to keep up wit but LJ is still awesome. It's 2011 and this year I've watched a few films in theater already. Saw live action Gantz, Eva 2.0: You Can(Not) Advance, and Rango(today).

Went to see the U.S. world premiere Gantz live action film in January. It was a 1 night only event and we got to watch it before the Japanese audience. Gantz was good. Haven't read the manga or watch the anime but the movie was cool. The only disappointment would be the movie being dubbed in English rather than subbed. The CG and action scenes were amazing. The story was fun and there were scenes that makes me laugh as well as scenes that were bloody and scary. There's a part 2 to this movie out in Japan in April but hopefully it'll get a US release date too. ^O^ Lastly, the 2 lead Nino-kun and Kenichi-kun were great in this film.

Evangelion 2.0 You Can(Not) Advance..Went to see Eva 2.0 screening in an independent theater. It was Japanese language with English subtitle(^O^) This was the theater release before the DVD and Blu-Ray release in the U.S. later this month. In 2.0 we got to see a new character, Mari, piloting Eva unit 05 in the beginning. Later on 2.0 introduce Asuka. We get to see a lot of her in this one. The story continues on as the Eva pilots battle Angels to save the world and Shinji trying his best not to be a crybaby. I was ecstatic when Kaworu pop up..I was waiting to see him >o<. However, he popped up in a few scenes but he'll appear more in 3.0. Overall I think it's pretty good but a bit condense. Can't wait to see Kaworu-kun.

The first 2 films I watched this year were Japanese films so today I went to see a U.S. film in theater. I went to see Rango. The movie is really good. Johnny Depp did an awesome job and the cast were great. The 3D animation were so detailed and their movements were so life-like. I also really like the character design in this film. It grew on me. Rango is like a spaghetti western film in animated animal version with various western film characters. The character Rango is a good zero to hero lizard who had an epiphany to save the town. There were parodies and cameos too. Overall it's an enjoyable film for all ages.

That's it for today. Just felt like making quick reviews of the movies I've seen lately. There's a lot more good looking films coming out this year too. Can't wait ^O^

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otome game + drama cd fun [ 9/13/09 @ 11:43 AM]
[ mood | amused ]

I joined the seiyuu group of live journal a few weeks ago and found tons and tons of drama cd goodness. This started w/ me just browsing for Starry Sky drama CD and otome games. Now i'll have this few weeks to enjoy Drama CD fun. It's so cool. It's like anime minus the animation. the seiyutachi are so good that they set the environment for us and we are able to feel like we're there.

I was able to find starry sky date drama CD and the game. The drama cd consist of the bishonen having a monologue conversation w/ ya. The CD comes out once a month and every 3 months a otome game would come out(corresponding to season). There are 8 drama-cd out officially @ the moment and they correspond to the zodiac signs. My fav bishie so far is the gemini one. He's just so adorable and very playful sensei. I have play a little bit of the spring and summer one as of now but haven't finish yet.

My current obsession rt now is the Are you Alice drama CD. It's a drama CD started 3 yrs ago now. Another spin off version of Alice in Wonderland where Alice is a male(sakurai-san ^o^)and lots of madness happen. Well Alice doesn't really remember his name but ppl kept calling him Alice. The Mad Hatter is pretty cool too and the Cheshire Cat sounds very mature. He looks like an assassin or some sort. Who can refuse these cast:

アリス: Alice: Sakurai Takahiro 櫻井孝宏
イかれ帽子屋: Mad Hatter : Hirata Hiroaki 平田広明
チェシャ猫: Cheshire Cat :Inoue Kazuhiko 井上和彦
白ウサギ: White Rabbit : Morikubo Shoutarou 森久保祥太郎
眠りネズミ: dormouse: Fujiwara Keiji 藤原啓治
ハートの女王: queen of heart: Ookawa Tooru 大川 透
白の騎士:White Knight: Morikawa Toshiyuki: 森川智之
双子:Tweedles: Ishida Akira & Hoshi Souichirou :石田彰/保志総一朗
未練:Regret:Tamura Yukari 田村ゆかり

just sakurai-san and morikawa-san in it and i'm happy.

There's a manga out too. 2 chapters scanlated so far. I started out reading the manga and got interested in drama CD.

Are you Alice cm:

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just saw pv [ 12/8/08 @ 11:47 PM]
i just saw the full version of exile-tada aitakute today. it was beautiful

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j-drama + j-movie addict [ 11/29/08 @ 2:12 PM]
[ mood | amused ]

i've gotten back to watching j-drama and j-movies right now. most of the ones i'm watching are based on manga or novel and the drama's theme songs are awesome too.

here are some interesting ones i'm watching and the theme songs for the series:

sexy voice and robo

celeb to binbo taro-comedy about the clash of a rich celeb girl and a poor man with 3 kids
theme song "kimagure romantic" by ikimonogakari

ryuusei no kizuna-drama about 2 bro and sis wanting a revenge on their parent's killer. (Nino from Arashi is in it >.<)

op theme song "beautiful days" by Arashi

ed theme song "Orion" by Mika Nakashima

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happy belated valentine's day [ 2/16/08 @ 12:55 PM]
[ mood | calm ]

>.< it's been ages since i've update. hope everyone is doing well. i haven't a chance to update the journal cuz school, work, and life are in the way. i'm thinking of going back to drawing my original manga. i haven't drawn anime style for so long. my class only have me drawing chemical structures so i really miss being creative again. still have a year to go before i finish school(i feel so old). on valentine's day i was busy the whole day so didn't do anything.

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